Как экспортировать OneDrive и .pst пользователя через Powershell?

Добрый день,
Хотел бы создать автоматизации "offboarding" процесса, а точнее резервное копирование OneDrive и Mailbox пользователя.
И никак не могу сделать, порылся в инете нашел вроде как неплохой скрипт, но почему-то в логах какая-то ошибка.
    [Parameter(Mandatory=$True, HelpMessage='Enter the email address that you want to export')]
    [Parameter(Mandatory=$True, HelpMessage='Enter the URL for the user''s OneDrive here. If you don''t enter one, this will be skipped.')]
    [Parameter(Mandatory=$True, HelpMessage='Enter the path where you want to save the PST file. !NO TRAILING BACKSLASH!')]
    $ExportLocation # = ""# you can un-comment the = "" to set a default for this parameter.

# Create a search name. You can change this to suit your preference
$SearchName = "$Mailbox PST"

# I'm using the Exchange Online Powershell Module v2. You can install it from an admin session with the following command: Install-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement
Write-Host "Connecting to Exchange Online. Enter your admin credentials in the pop-up (pop-under?) window."

Write-Host "Creating compliance search..."
New-ComplianceSearch -Name $SearchName -ExchangeLocation $Mailbox -SharePointLocation $OneDriveURL -AllowNotFoundExchangeLocationsEnabled $true #Create a content search, including the the entire contents of the user's email and onedrive. If you didn't provide a OneDrive URL, or it wasn't valid, it will be ignored.
Write-Host "Starting compliance search..."
Start-ComplianceSearch -Identity $SearchName #Start the search created above
Write-Host "Waiting for compliance search to complete..."
for ($SearchStatus;$SearchStatus -notlike "Completed";){ #Wait then check if the search is complete, loop until complete
    Start-Sleep -s 2
    $SearchStatus = Get-ComplianceSearch $SearchName | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Status #Get the status of the search
    Write-Host -NoNewline "." # Show some sort of status change in the terminal
Write-Host "Compliance search is complete!"
Write-Host "Creating export from the search..."
New-ComplianceSearchAction -SearchName $SearchName -Export -Format FxStream -ExchangeArchiveFormat PerUserPst -Scope BothIndexedAndUnindexedItems -EnableDedupe $true -SharePointArchiveFormat IndividualMessage -IncludeSharePointDocumentVersions $true 
Start-Sleep -s 5 # Arbitrarily wait 5 seconds to give microsoft's side time to create the SearchAction before the next commands try to run against it. I /COULD/ do a for loop and check, but it's really not worth it.

# Check if the export tool is installed for the user, and download if not.
While (-Not ((Get-ChildItem -Path $($env:LOCALAPPDATA + "\Apps\2.0\") -Filter microsoft.office.client.discovery.unifiedexporttool.exe -Recurse).FullName | Where-Object{ $_ -notmatch "_none_" } | Select-Object -First 1)){
    Write-Host "Downloading Unified Export Tool ."
    Write-Host "This is installed per-user by the Click-Once installer."
    # Credit to Jos Verlinde for his code in Load-ExchangeMFA in the Powershell Gallery! All I've done is update the manifest url and remove all the comments.
    $Manifest = "https://complianceclientsdf.blob.core.windows.net/v16/Microsoft.Office.Client.Discovery.UnifiedExportTool.application"
    $ElevatePermissions = $true
    Try {
        Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Deployment
        Write-Host "Starting installation of ClickOnce Application $Manifest "
        $RemoteURI = [URI]::New( $Manifest , [UriKind]::Absolute)
        if (-not  $Manifest){
            throw "Invalid ConnectionUri parameter '$ConnectionUri'"
        $HostingManager = New-Object System.Deployment.Application.InPlaceHostingManager -ArgumentList $RemoteURI , $False
        Register-ObjectEvent -InputObject $HostingManager -EventName GetManifestCompleted -Action { 
            new-event -SourceIdentifier "ManifestDownloadComplete"
        } | Out-Null
        Register-ObjectEvent -InputObject $HostingManager -EventName DownloadApplicationCompleted -Action { 
            new-event -SourceIdentifier "DownloadApplicationCompleted"
        } | Out-Null
        $event = Wait-Event -SourceIdentifier "ManifestDownloadComplete" -Timeout 15
        if ($event ) {
            $event | Remove-Event
            Write-Host "ClickOnce Manifest Download Completed"
            $event = Wait-Event -SourceIdentifier "DownloadApplicationCompleted" -Timeout 60
            if ($event ) {
                $event | Remove-Event
                Write-Host "ClickOnce Application Download Completed"
            else {
                Write-error "ClickOnce Application Download did not complete in time (60s)"
        else {
            Write-error "ClickOnce Manifest Download did not complete in time (15s)"
    finally {
        Get-EventSubscriber|? {$_.SourceObject.ToString() -eq 'System.Deployment.Application.InPlaceHostingManager'} | Unregister-Event

# Find the Unified Export Tool's location and create a variable for it
$ExportExe = ((Get-ChildItem -Path $($env:LOCALAPPDATA + "\Apps\2.0\") -Filter microsoft.office.client.discovery.unifiedexporttool.exe -Recurse).FullName | Where-Object{ $_ -notmatch "_none_" } | Select-Object -First 1)

# Gather the URL and Token from the export in order to start the download
# We only need the ContainerURL and SAS Token at a minimum but we're also pulling others to help with tracking the status of the export.
$ExportName = $SearchName + "_Export"
$ExportDetails = Get-ComplianceSearchAction -Identity $ExportName -IncludeCredential -Details # Get details for the export action
# This method of splitting the Container URL and Token from $ExportDetails is thanks to schmeckendeugler from reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PowerShell/comments/ba4fpu/automated_download_of_o365_inbox_archive/
# I was using Convert-FromString before, which was slow and terrible. His way is MUCH better.
$ExportDetails = $ExportDetails.Results.split(";")
$ExportContainerUrl = $ExportDetails[0].trimStart("Container url: ")
$ExportSasToken = $ExportDetails[1].trimStart(" SAS token: ")
$ExportEstSize = ($ExportDetails[18].TrimStart(" Total estimated bytes: ") -as [double])
$ExportTransferred = ($ExportDetails[20].TrimStart(" Total transferred bytes: ") -as [double])
$ExportProgress = $ExportDetails[22].TrimStart(" Progress: ").TrimEnd("%")
$ExportStatus = $ExportDetails[25].TrimStart(" Export status: ")

# Download the exported files from Office 365
Write-Host "Initiating download"
Write-Host "Saving export to: " + $ExportLocation
$Arguments = "-name ""$SearchName""","-source ""$ExportContainerUrl""","-key ""$ExportSasToken""","-dest ""$ExportLocation""","-trace true"
Start-Process -FilePath "$ExportExe" -ArgumentList $Arguments
while(Get-Process microsoft.office.client.discovery.unifiedexporttool -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue){
    $Downloaded = Get-ChildItem $ExportLocation\$SearchName -Recurse | Measure-Object -Property Length -Sum | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Sum
    Write-Progress -Id 1 -Activity "Export in Progress" -Status "Complete..." -PercentComplete $ExportProgress
    if ("Completed" -notlike $ExportStatus){Write-Progress -Id 2 -Activity "Download in Progress" -Status "Estimated Complete..." -PercentComplete ($Downloaded/$ExportEstSize*100) -CurrentOperation "$Downloaded/$ExportEstSize bytes downloaded."}
    else {Write-Progress -Id 2 -Activity "Download in Progress" -Status "Complete..." -PercentComplete ($Downloaded/$ExportEstSize*100) -CurrentOperation "$Downloaded/$ExportTransferred bytes downloaded."}
    Start-Sleep 60
    $ExportDetails = Get-ComplianceSearchAction -Identity $ExportName -IncludeCredential -Details # Get details for the export action
    $ExportDetails = $ExportDetails.Results.split(";")
    $ExportEstSize = ($ExportDetails[18].TrimStart(" Total estimated bytes: ") -as [double])
    $ExportTransferred = ($ExportDetails[20].TrimStart(" Total transferred bytes: ") -as [double])
    $ExportProgress = $ExportDetails[22].TrimStart(" Progress: ").TrimEnd("%")
    $ExportStatus = $ExportDetails[25].TrimStart(" Export status: ")
    Write-Host -NoNewline " ."
Write-Host "Download Complete!"
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