Как заставить git использовать редактор emacs в терминале?

git может открывать emacs с флагом -nw по дефолту? "git config --global core.editor emacs -nw" не дает ничего и по прадве выглядит как бред
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When you run git config --global core.editor emacs -nw, your shell splits the command line into words before invoking git. Git thus sees "emacs -nw" as two separate arguments. It only needs one to put into the config file, so the other is ignored. (Actually, that's a lie but you can check the man page for details.) You can put quotes around a series of words to tell your shell not to break them up: git config --global core.editor "emacs -nw" will give "emacs -nw" to git as a single argument which will do what you want.

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