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Нужно ли изучать новичку Redux (React)?

Всем привет, занимаюсь фронтоном около 6 месяцев и начал изучать React, но в большинстве материалов (видео на ютьюбе) использует react + redux как stateManager и redux пока что очень сложно дается со своими методами и непонятно для чего он нужен.
Есть смысл его долбить и возможно развиться как фронтендер без redux? Либо же есть какие-нибудь более легкие альтернативы? Знаю, что хуки Реакта как-то заменяют функционал Redux
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When should I learn Redux?
What to learn can be an overwhelming question for a JavaScript developer. It helps to narrow the range of options by learning one thing at a time and focusing on problems you find in your work. Redux is a pattern for managing application state. If you do not have problems with state management, you might find the benefits of Redux harder to understand. Some UI libraries (like React) have their own state management system. If you are using one of these libraries, especially if you are just learning to use them, we encourage you to learn the capabilities of that built-in system first. It might be all you need to build your application. If your application becomes so complex that you are confused about where state is stored or how state changes, then it is a good time to learn Redux. Experiencing the complexity that Redux seeks to abstract is the best preparation for effectively applying that abstraction to your work.
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