Hi, I'm Vadim. I'm working in Software Engineer field. Always focusing on what I can do, not on what I can’t. I'm very passionate abt technology. In my free time, i like walking, listening to music, watching movies, learning English and reading books. In general, I walk only on weekends. I don't like tech books, but sometimes I read them, the Internet saves me. Curr, I'm studying Eng lang on Skyeng, but instead of programming courses eg Skillbox, LinkedIn, Udemy and etc. I prefer personal or private classes with my mentor. I've friend who study at ITMO. In addition, I use Eng lang for communication it's all sorts of social networks (VK, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc) and i can have video calls and so on. It's possible to make interviews in Eng lang. That can be all right as soon as it's not a tech interview for this one i've to be prepared specially. Well, i'm using it for my work eg communication with other developers, reading docs, or Leetcode. Also I like drink a coffee.
Россия, Татарстан


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