начинал с бейсика на УКНЦ в 1988

FileObserver.CLOSE_WRITE на директорию & последние обновления правил/API. Возможно или нет?

Одна из функций у меня : Автоматическая печать новых файлов из директории.
Не подымал до последнего таргет апи выше 28.

с 12 августа 2020 года. Если для 11-го андроида

All Files Access Permission
Files and directory attributes on a user’s device are regarded as personal and sensitive user data subject to the Personal and Sensitive Information policy and the following requirements:

Apps should only request access to device storage which is critical for the app to function, and may not request access to device storage on behalf of any third-party for any purpose that is unrelated to critical user-facing app functionality.
Android devices running R (Android 11, API Level 30) or later, will require the MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission in order to manage access in shared storage. All apps that target R and request broad access to shared storage (“All files access”) must successfully pass an appropriate access review prior to publishing. Apps allowed to use this permission must clearly prompt users to enable “All files access” for their app under “Special app access” settings. For more information on the R requirements, please see this help article.

Теоретически можно доказать необходимость.

Пока апи 30 не требуют. Это больше на перспективу.

Со 2 ноября 2020 обязательным станет 29й (новых приложений коснется раньше)

@deprecated To improve user privacy, direct access to shared/external
* storage devices is deprecated. When an app targets
* {@link android.os.Build.VERSION_CODES#Q}, the path returned
* from this method is no longer directly accessible to apps.
* Apps can continue to access content stored on shared/external
* storage by migrating to alternatives such as getExternalFilesDir()

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начинал с бейсика на УКНЦ в 1988

Таблетка для 29 апи requestLegacyExternalStorage.
А если Вы до этого жили ниже 28го , то webView не будет открывать http без usesCleartextTraffic
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