Какой депозит должен быть для апгрейда на DigitalOcean?

Имею довольно нагруженный проект.
Который поглотит 32-64Гб рамы влёгкую.
Решил взять маленький инстанс на DO, настроить его и проапгрейдить до 64GB / 20 CPUs 640GB SSD Disk 9TB Transfer.
При попытке ресайза получаю:
This size is currently restricted please send an additional payment to unlock.

Вопрос: сколько я ещё должен докинуть $$$, чтобы разблокировать? В факе инфы не нашёл, гугл тоже молчит.
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Since you only have PayPal in your billing profile, we like you to maintain a deposit in your account equal to the monthly running cost of the droplets you have. So to have 1 64 GB server, we would want you to have a $640 deposit.

Preventing abuse is a top priority at DigitalOcean, therefore to increase your server limit, we would also like to get some more information about you and your use for our servers. Providing some proof of the personal information will go a long way in lifting the server limit now and in the future.

Please let us know the following:

- Your Name
- Location
- Phone Number
- The reason you are in need of the larger servers, such as what their purpose will be
- Also, please provide as many of the following as you can to help us verify your identity:
1. Your public Twitter handle
2. Your blog
3. Your company or personal website
4. Your public Facebook profile

Please note, while this information request may seem unorthodox, we find that procuring some basic information about our customers to verify accounts is preferable to detailed billing and payment verification, as billing information can be falsified.

NOTE: None of the information we receive will be stored or used for any other purpose than initial account verification and abuse prevention. However, inaccurate responses will lead to account termination under our Terms of Service - https://digitalocean.com/tos

Thank you.
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Хм, я конечно, прошу прощения, но 640$ vs 109€, я бы крепко задумался, нужно ли такое облако. Не лучше ли взять два-три сервера-дедика и запилить HA-кластер?
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Linux-сисадмин с 8 летним стажем.
В саппорт напишите, они с вас спишут сколько нужно.
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