Пользователь пока ничего не рассказал о себе


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  • Аккаунт на oDesk закрыли без причины. Как восстановить?

    @gravyzzap Автор вопроса
    Сегодня ночью мой аккаунт разблокировали! Ура!
    Надеюсь все подобные случаи разрешатся положительно.

    Вот такое пришло письмо:
    Kristine D, Oct 04 02:50 AM:
    Hello Dan P,

    You recently received an email from us with the message that your account had been placed under review. This email was an error on our part and we apologize for the confusion it may have caused.

    Here’s what happened—as part of a routine account review, yours was accidentally marked as having a high number of poor client outcomes. As you are freelancer in good standing with a strong work history, we hope you will accept our apologies and continue to do great work with us for many years to come.

    If you would like to discuss this further, please let me know so I can schedule a convenient time for a call.

    The oDesk Trust & Safety Team
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