Alternate page with proper canonical tag problem, anyone can help me?

Hallo... Thank you for sharing.. I have some issue too for almost all of my website including wordpress website and non wordpress website.

This is the wordpress website: https://cutik.net/
for this one seems like there is a conflict coding because of the plugins. But I have too wait for google to crawl my website back.

The other website is https://era.julizar.com/id. This one I don't have any Idea how to solve it now since this one is not wordpress website. My problem with this website https://era.julizar.com/ is waiting for google to crawl after fixing the issue, but then after waiting for a long time, the problem become bigger and bigger with so many Alternate page with proper canonical tag error.

The same issue with my root domain https://julizar.com/id. This one is even scary than other website above

Any of you can help me with this? I want my website without error.

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